Forming in the hills of Perth, Blackmilk have crafted a visceral sound influenced by their infatuation with the song wizardry and melody of the sixties, psychedelia with a wall of sound intensity and rawness often wandering into harmonious territories of three part vocals.
The sonic and psychedelic sounds which the tracks lie on work hand in hand with the soulful songwriting of James Sherry emphasising the fact that yes, we are floating in space.

When it’s done well, as it is with Blackmilk, psychedelic rock can be hypnotizing. A week prior to their launch, the Blackmilk boys said they'd taken the more raw and brutal elements of their stage sound (feedback etc) and replaced it with more ambient sounds on the record. Tonight, it was all about putting that energy back, and Blackmilk did it with ease. At times, there was so much going on in their mix it was almost indecipherable, but the point never seemed to be anything other than that. As over used as the phrase is, Blackmilk created a wall of sound.

In a truly strange blend, the band's sound was almost chaotic, yet in contrast, the band played with a very casual, relaxed charm. It's a similar principle you find in most stoner rock bands - intense music played by mellow dudes. Even the mellower musical moments still had an edge to them that would often be a precursor to everything exploding again, and the hurricane resuming.

Because their music is so hard to pinpoint, and because they are a different band on stage than in the studio, Blackmilk are never really going to be burdened with any kind of pressure to up their commercial appeal, which will leave the door wide open for them to do just about anything they want. Considering how much of huge market there is in this world for colourful music such as theirs, it could be a very successful venture for them.

Or, at the very least, a fun adventure with their mates.


Live Two Dandy

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